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Autarkic Materials and Types. The culture of the product between industry and handicrafts in Italy in the early forties

The autarkic products of the years 1940 – 1943 are an interesting field of research because they  represent the end of a cultural cycle, reflecting the political-economic setup that emerged in Italy after the iniquitous sanctions of 1935. This essay focuses upon groups of materials, glasses,  reconstituted woods and textile  providing an overview of furnishings and artifacts – even  minor ones – conducted by looking at the main magazines of those years. This exploration, in-between industry and crafts, analyzes fragments of the autarkic aesthetics that involved architecture,  design and fashion.


Questo articolo è stato pubblicato in AIS/Design Storia e Ricerche, numero 4 novembre 2014

Federica Dal Falco

Architect, scholarship CNR, in 1993 was awarded a PhD in Architectural Technology. She is Associate Professor of Design at Sapienza University of Rome. Since the early 90s developed studies and research related to the culture of the product and the project, the preservation of cultural heritage, the interdisciplinarity between art, design and architecture; with publications of books (2002, 2009, 2012, 2014), articles, essays, papers and  proceedings. Member of scientific committees of series of books and magazines and interdepartmental research center, she is part of the editorial board of DIID. Since 2009 Scientific Researcher of CIEBA Lisbon University. Permanent member of the External Review Team of “Design” di A3ES.  President Design teaching area Sapienza University of Rome (2010-2014). Leading digital and multimedia artistic research which has resulted in international exhibitions (2007-2014).

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