About Marco Sironi

Marco Sironi, born in Sesto San Giovanni (Milano) in 1974, studied arts and literature first at the Monza Institute of Art, then briefly at the Politecnico di Milano, before graduating in Aesthetics from the University of Pavia. He subsequently earned his PhD in Architecture, with a thesis on the Castiglioni brothers, which was later published with the title Sul luogo del design (Milan: Greco & Greco, 2014, ADI Design Index Selection 2017). He has been working as a graphic designer since 2004 (élitradesign). For over a decade, he has collaborated with the Department of Architecture, Design and Planning of the University of Sassari in Alghero, where he worked with Manlio Brusatin and Paolo Deganello. He is currently a researcher in this Department, and an adjunct professor in product design and visual communication. He has written essays on photography and literature (Geografie del narrare, Parma: Diabasis, 2004; Riga, 28, 2008, a monograph issue about Gianni Celati, with M. Belpoliti) and continues to address topics relative to design, individually, in academic reviews (MD Journal) and online periodicals (doppiozero.com, neolocaldesign.org).

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For a History from within On Design in Italy, by Paolo Fossati