About Isabella Patti

Isabella Patti, an Art and Design historian and critic, graduated in History of Decorative and Industrial Arts at the University of Florence. In 2012 she earned her PhD in “Design, Environment and History”; currently she is a contract professor of Design History at DIDA Architecture Department of the University of Florence, and professor of History of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Master’s degree of Naval design and nautical (Polo Universitario G. Marconi) in La Spezia. In addition, she deals with scientific research on topics related to the critical-formal reading of objects of use: she is particularly interested in the analysis of the evolution of playful artifacts (from traditional games to video games), to theories of Game Design and topics specifically related to the historical-critical studies. She is responsible for the “training and research” sector of the La.Mo Laboratory of DIDA in Florence, where he follows the structuring of research topics and the writing of contributions and essays.

Pubblicati in AISDesign Studi e Ricerche

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