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Vol 7 No 13 (2019): Social Design. Design and the common good

This call dedicated to social design, in its most various forms (product, service, communication and theory), therefore intends to collect contributions with a historical-critical viewpoint that highlight:

— Which were the most discussed design fields and projects concerning "common good” in Italy. What kind of relationships had the Italian projects in the international arena;
— Which cases can be considered as founding acts of contemporary social design;
— The possibility of defining historiographies and geographies of social design at an Italian and/or international level;
— The actual existence, or not, of a "public utility graphic design" and of its legacy;
— Which design practices are historically ascribable to the fields of reflection, research and experimentation and which ones had a practical impact on policies and production;
— Testimonies, contributions, debates which can be defined as the foundations of social design.

Keywords: design history, design for the common good, community design, sustainability design, public utility graphic design, design for weak users, health design, public transport, public services.

Published: 2019-06-26
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