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reviewers n. 6 I designer e la scrittura nel Novecento

Giovanni Anceschi [paper]
Paul Atkinson [abstract + paper]
Jeremy Aynsley [abstract + paper]
Daniele Baroni [abstract + paper]
Alberto Bassi [abstract + paper]
Elena Brigi [abstract + paper]
Anna Calvera [abstract + paper]
Rossana Carullo [abstract]
Rosa Chiesa [abstract]
Esther Cleven [abstract]
Alessandro Colizzi [abstract]
Davide Dalmas [abstract + paper]
Elda Danese [abstract + paper]
Elena Dellapiana [abstract + paper]
Kjetil Fallan [abstract]
Cinzia Ferrara [abstract + paper]
Marinella Ferrara [abstract]
Ali Filippini [abstract + paper]
Davide Fornari [abstract]
Caterina Franchini [abstract]
Jorge Frascara [abstract + paper]
Luciana Gunetti [abstract + paper]
Hans Höger [abstract]
Stéphane Laurent [abstract]
Grace Lees-Maffei [abstract + paper]
Mario Lupano [abstract]
Giuseppe Lupo [abstract]
Victor Margolin [abstract + paper]
Jonathan Mekinda [abstract + paper]
Gabriele Monti [abstract + paper]
Gabriele Oropallo [abstract]
Anty Pansera [abstract]
Pierpaolo Peruccio [abstract + paper]
Daniela Piscitelli [abstract + paper]
Julianna Preston [abstract]
Paola Proverbio [abstract]
Raimonda Riccini [abstract + paper]
Catharine Rossi [abstract + paper]
Massimiliano Savorra [abstract]
Maddalena Scimemi [abstract]
Dario Scodeller [abstract + paper]
Simona Segre [abstract]
Gabriele Toneguzzi [abstract + paper]
Alessandra Vaccari [abstract]
Artemis Yagou [abstract + paper]