Informazioni su Gabriele Oropallo

Gabriele Oropallo is a design historian based at the University of Oslo since 2012. He was trained at the Universities of Naples and Düsseldorf and received a master’s from University College London, where he also held a Marie Curie EST Fellowship for research on design and social commitment in late modernism. He presented on his research at international conferences and as guest lecturer at institutions such as Zürich’s University of the Arts (ZHdK), São Paulo’s SESC, the University of Reading, and Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University. He previously taught design history at University College London for three years and in 2010-2011 he curated a series of public seminars on the critical and ethical dimensions in design. His current research project at the University of Oslo is set within the context of a wider research endeavour looking at the discourse on sustainability in late Modern Design, led by Kjetil Fallan. His research looks at the treatment of duration in design since the beginning of the current wave of sustainability and resilience thinking. His work was featured at events such as the Istanbul Design Biennial (2014), the São Paulo Architecture Biennial (2013), and the Eternal Tour exhibitions in Jerusalem (2010) and São Paulo (2012).

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