Altare, or use glassware. A history of design for everyday

Over the past thousand years, the glassmaker masters from Altare, a small town in Savona’s hinterland, have created artifacts meeting even the most demanding requirements and needs of everyday life. Among these, many are articles designed to contain food. This production anticipates the modern concept of design: thanks to careful planning, the configurations most efficient in performing a specific function throughout the centuries could be identified. Then, the technique has made it possible to manufacture these only apparently simple objects. With the establishment in the middle of the 19th century of the Società Artistica Vetraria, operating until 1978, the mass-produced articles were offered on the market through sale catalogues.


The reasons of form

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Per ricordarci e ricordare come esista una letteratura critica legata al prodotto alimentare e alle sue relazioni con il sistema del design, si è deciso di proporre la rilettura di un saggio di Augusto Morello del 1996, Le ragioni della forma, contenuto in un numero monografico di “Stile Industria”, dove l’autore affronta il tema del cibo in relazione al progetto. 

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