The discovery of the frame: or the Halo of the Saints v/s iPad

The theme of the frame has been dealt with extensively (Simmel, Ortega y Gasset, Popper, Marin) both in the concept of definition of a rational and necessary visual field, and in the limitation of a too characterized and preset reality. The round or square frame reflects the Saints’ halo as glowing symbols, in comparison with the more defined criteria of frame-framework-structure, which serves for holding a table or a canvas, as the only possible representation. However, from this field of definition, or built-up part of reality, we go back now to a frame in total expansion which may ignore both horizontality and verticality. This new frame gives the impression to catch everything but may also let everything pass, like trying to scoop up water with a sieve. The present essay starts from the consecration of the halo and leads to the construction of the electronic screen and the tablet: the bright and dark frame which captures the visual world but soon makes it disappear.

Danese 1957 – 1991. An experimental design laboratory

Among the historic italian design factories, Danese stood out for being, more than others, an experimental laboratory for design projecting. Bruno Danese and his wife Jacqueline Vodoz gave life not just to a business, but more importantly to an editor which interpreted the production of objects as a cultural operation. Even if such a story would be impossible today, Danese provided us with an original operational model, several aspects of which make it as lively as it has ever been.