Fede Cheti: 1936-1975. Marks of an Italian story

This paper tries to retrace the history of a company, the Fede Cheti, and of its homonymous founder, a figure of prominent role in the history of the Italian and Milanese design in the between the Thirties and the Sixties of the XX century. In the products of Fede Cheti, experimentations in the field of industrial textile merged with the highest form of decorative art of the time, producing carpets, interiors tapestries and furniture padding that will influence the taste and the style of almost half century. Participations to the Trienniali of Milano, the international rewards e the exhibitions all around the world, the main publications, and above all the research on the authentic documents, are here reported trying to delineate clearer as possible this little episode in the history of design and decorative arts in Italy in the XX century.