coupDefouet Call for Papers

The coupDefouet International Congress on Art Nouveau will be held in Barcelona from 26 to 29 June 2013.
The Organising Committee hereby invites all experts who are interested in submitting papers to do so before 30 September 2012. The Art Nouveau European Route is organising this Congress to celebrate the ten years’ existence of the magazine coupDefouet, the international magazine specialised in the dissemination of Art Nouveau.
The Scientific Committee for this Congress is coordinated by GRACMON, the University of Barcelona’s Research Group on History of Art and Contemporary Design, while logistical organisation is the responsibility of the Institut del Paisatge Urbà at the Barcelona City Council, which publishes coupDefouet.

The thematic strands of the Congress are:
1. Art Nouveau Cities: Between Cosmopolitanism and Local Tradition
2. The Historiography of Art Nouveau (looking back on the past)
3 The Challenges Facing Art Nouveau Heritage (looking towards the future)

As well as this, two Seminars complete the Congress:
1. Research and Doctoral Theses in Progress
2. The Market and Collecting of Art Nouveau Objects

coupDefouet Call for Papers

Remember: the submission deadline is 30 September 2012!

To register, submit papers or receive more information, go to

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Daniele Savasta

Dottorando in Scienze del Design all’Università Iuav di Venezia. Ha conseguito le due lauree, di primo e secondo livello, in design all’Università di Palermo e all’Iuav. Conduce principalmente ricerche sul comportamento de e tra le persone nello spazio reale e virtuale e nei loro interstizi.
Ha tenuto workshop presso l’Izmir University of Economics e l’Iuav ed è stato assistente in numerosi corsi di progettazione presso l’Iuav, il Politecnico di Milano e l’Università di Palermo.

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