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Giuseppe Raimondi and Gufram: new material expressions Beatrice Lerma

The history of Giuseppe Raimondi (Fiume 1941 – Linosa 1997) is linked to that of many Italian and international furniture and lighting manufacturers, from Gufram to Bontempi, to Molteni, to the Japanese Marubeni. The text focuses on Raimondi’s work during the period between 1966 and 1970, when he was Art Director at Gufram, a company for which he organized production in an innovative way by creating original pieces and involving artists and designers in the development of various items. This article intends, by analysing his work as a designer-artist and innovator, to highlight his specificities: his in-depth knowledge of the technical and expressive properties of new materials and his meticulous attention to the problems of production.

Key words
Giuseppe Raimondi, Gufram, Pop Movement, Material and technological innovations, Project


Questo articolo è stato pubblicato in AIS/Design Storia e Ricerche, numero 7 maggio 2016

Beatrice Lerma

Designer, PhD and research fellow at the Department of Architecture and Design at the Politecnico di Torino, she is Adjunct Lecturer of Design III in the Design and Visual Communication graduate programme. Since 2010, she has contributed to the management and development of the scientific content in the MATto materials library and MATto_materials for design, a service that supports local small and medium-sized businesses. Materials and innovation processes, their sustainable and sensorial dimensions and perceived quality are her main areas of research.

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