About Vincenzo Cristallo

Architect, Phd in Technology of the Architecture and the Environment and specialization in Industrial Design. From 2011 to 2017 Editor-in-Chief of the international magazine of Industrial Design diid. He has taught near the Polytechnic in Milan, the University in Genoa and the University in Naples, Federico II. The books and the published essays document an activity of search orientated towards the study of the contemporaneity of the phenomenology of the sciences of design and the analysis of the relationship between design and territory within the local productive systems. Among his last publications they are annotated: Medonia. Il design per la salvaguardia della Posidonia oceanica (2018); Dalla Biblioverde al Bookcrossing. Il design utile a un sapere creativo (2016); Per un moderno continuo (2014); Nel Design (2013); Esercizi in trafila. Design Experiments (with E. Guida, 2011); Il design italiano 20.00.11: Antologia (with S. Lucibello, T. Paris, 2011). He is Associate Professor in Industrial Design near the “Sapienza” University in Rome near which he directs the Master in Exhibit&Public Design.

Pubblicati in AISDesign Studi e Ricerche

Giulio Carlo Argan e il design. Tra industria, arte, società e ragioni del progetto

The materials that innovate the culture of industrial product in South Italy. Intentions and experiments in the figures of Roberto Mango and Nino Caruso