About Ugo Rossi

An architect, with a Ph.D in Architectural Composition from the University Iuav of Venezia with a thesis on Bernard Rudofsky, he is a member of the “Housing” research group at the same institution, with which he has collaborated on various research projects of national interest (PRIN). He has lectured at several conferences in Italy and abroad. His essays, articles and reviews investigating and discussing the various meanings of “modern”, examined from Avant-garde to Rural Architecture, are featured in books and in Italian and international journals. His latest publications include: “The discovery of the Site, Bernard Rudofsky. Mediterranean Architecture” in House and Site edited by E. Mantese (Firenze University Press, 2014) and “Das Haus Rudofsky im Frigiliana: Bauen ohne zu zerstören” (Denkma[i]l, April 2014, 16). He is currently working on a publication on Bernard Rudofsky.

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For the eyes and the mind: The exhibition theory of Bernard Rudofsky