About Tanja Marzi

Tanja Marzi, an architect, received her PhD in Innovation technology for the built environment from the Politecnico di Torino, where she currently carries out research and teaching activities at the Department of Architecture and Design. She is actively involved in several national and international research projects on the subject of safeguard and rehabilitation of architectural heritage, of timber structures and of Modern Architecture. At the Alvar Aalto Institute – Museum of Architecture Applied Arts and Design of Pino Torinese, she has carried out research activities, studying and cataloguing the archives. In particular she has been involved in the cataloguing of Alvar Aalto’s original drawings; of the house/studio of the rationalist-futurist architect Nicola Mosso; of the archive of Umberto Cuzzi/Gigi Chessa; of Scandinavian and Finnish furniture and design objects.

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Architetti e designer: È anche questione di fonti. L’archivio dell’Istituto Alvar Aalto a Pino Torinese