About Penny Sparke

Penny Sparke is Professor of Design History at Kingston University, London. She studied French Literature at the University of Sussex from 1967-1971 and was awarded her PhD in Design History from Brighton Polytechnic in 1975. She taught Design History at Brighton Polytechnic (1975-1982) and the Royal College of Art (1982-1999). She has given keynote addresses, curated exhibitions, and broadcast and published widely. Her publications include Italian Design from 1860 to the present (1989); The Plastics Age (1990); As Long as it’s pink: The sexual politics of taste (1995); An introduction to design and culture, 1900 to the present (3rd edn., 2004); Elsie de Wolfe: The birth of modern interior decoration (2005); The modern interior (2008). She specialises in the roles of taste and gender in design and focuses much of her work on the interior.

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The Straw Donkey: Tourist Kitsch or Proto-Design? Craft and Design in Italy, 1945-1960