About Marinella Ferrara

Architect, PhD, and associate professor of Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano, Design Department. Since 1989 she has been performing scientific activity and teaching at several universities and academies in Italy (Catania, Florence, Palermo, etc.) and abroad as a visiting professor (University of Barcelona, ​​ UEM in Madrid, IADE in Lisbon, Izmir University of Economics, Universidad de Uruguay and University Jingdezhen-China). At Politecnico di Milano she coordinates MADEC (the Research Centre of Material Design Culture) leading scientific research about design driven material innovation, and the skills of design in relation to technological innovations and materials. She is the author of books and essays that examine the relationship between design and materials (published by Springer, Lupetti, Alinea, Gangemi, etc). Other topics she is very found of are: design for cultural identities valorisation, and the evolution of the design in the Mediterranean countries. Since 2011 she is the editors-in-chief of the online journal PAD. Pages on Arts & Design (www.padjournal.net). Internationally she cooperates with several magazines of design. She is member of the executive committee of ADI (Association for Industrial Design), coordinator of the Scientific Committee for Professional Training and member of the Internationalization Team.

Pubblicati in AISDesign Studi e Ricerche

The critical writings of Anna Maria Fundarò: The roots and identity of industrial design in Sicily

Evoluzione del concept Food Design: intersezioni storiche tra cibo, design e cultura alimentare occidentale

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“Rising matter”. Pirelli, rubber, design and the polytechnic dimension in the Second post- world-War