About Karin Van Der Heiden

Karin van der Heiden (1970), art historian, was in charge of NAGO (Dutch Archives for Graphic Designers) for more than nine years. In this capacity, she was responsible for the digitisation of the work of ten Dutch designers and agencies. In 2010 she started “Bits-to-Pieces” a research project concerning the digital revolution in graphic design. It documents the experiences of the pioneers of digital graphic design and examines the digital design heritage of the eighties. This resulted in a PhD research into the digital transformation of graphic design in the eighties that she is currently conducting at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). In addition she runs a research and production practice and lectures at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Pubblicati in AISDesign Studi e Ricerche

Total Design and the case of the Aesthedes computer: changing the tools of Dutch graphic design in the 1980s