About Anna Siekiera

Anna Siekiera Graduated in History of the Italian Language, earning her PhD in Italian Linguistics from the University of Florence in June 1998. Since 2005 she has been Associate Professor of Italian Linguistics at the University of Molise, where she currently teaches the History of the Italian Language, Italian Linguistics, and Dante Studies. Her research studies focus on the diverse areas of the history of the Italian language in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, based on manuscripts, incunabula and sixteenth-century texts – from vernacular translations and treatises in different thematic areas, to describe linguistic phenomena such as the sixteenth-century Florentine language and various aspects of culture. She twice served (2006 and 2008) as head of the research unit studying Literature in the Visual Arts. Her publications include Tradurre per musica (Paris, “Belles Lettres” 2000), edition of Descrittione del Palazzo ducale d’Urbino di Bernardino Baldi (Alessandria, 2010).

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